With the aim of providing a comprehensive rugby league information resource, Rugby League Wiki was started in September 2010. We aim to help preserve the Game’s history, including less notable subjects. A wiki is a type of encyclopaedia that people can work on collaboratively to improve.

Initially, an English language edition has been created, with efforts in other languages an option for the future.

For more information, please see:

About Rugby League Wiki” on en.rugbyleaguewiki.org


The RLW blog will be used to help keep you informed of what’s going on at the wiki so that you can participate. In addition to featuring wiki articles and goings on, the blog will also be a place for comment, with submissions welcome.


The banner image on the RLW Facebook page is a modified photograph of  Queensland playing New South Wales in rugby league, ca. 1920. The match was possibly played at Exhibition Ground, Brisbane. The image’s description reads: Cec Aynsley (Queensland) has just effected a tackle in the middle. Jimmy Craig (New South Wales) is coming up on the left. Click here to see it.

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