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Updated registration process

Rugby League Wiki logo

New RL Wiki users and logged out editors have a new way to prove they are human and not an automated spammer!

We’ve got rid of the annoying image captchas – which bots are finding easier to beat – and brought in football-related questions. We’ve kept them fairly simple, so that people new to the game will be able to answer them without too much trouble. The questions will be changed from time to time, as necessary.

Logged out users, people creating an account and newly registered users will encounter them.

The answers are not case-sensitive (i.e. “tackle” and “Tackle” will both be accepted). For the few questions which could be answered in different ways, such as words or numerals, the question will include an instruction on which to enter.

If you encounter any problems with the new checks, please contact us. Thanks!

RLW blog refresh

As you may have noticed, the RLW blog has been updated. A few differences in colour and moving a couple of things around has made quite a difference.

RLW blog prior to Feb 2012

The RLW blog as it was

New RLW blog layout from Feb 2012

The new blog design

New Facebook page link and Twitter news

There’s now a memorable URL to visit our Facebook page: logo


And in other social media news…

A few days ago @RugbyLeagueWiki gained its 200th follower on Twitter!

Get right on our Wiki

The Get right on our Wiki article was published in the August 2011 issue of Forty-20 magazine.

Forty-20's August 2011 front cover

Everyone knows Wikipedia. It’s the collaborative encyclopaedia with over 3.5 million articles on a massive variety of subjects. What you may not know is that there are many other ‘wikis’ (the Hawaiian word for fast) available. Dedicated wikis exist for cult TV shows, online games; there’s even one about bacon.


There are also sports wikis. Rugby League Wiki is a new project that encourages fans to participate in writing about our game at all levels. There is a wide variety of articles waiting to be written on everything from your local wheelchair tag team and the history of rugby league in your town to the latest controversial tackling technique.


If you haven’t tried editing a wiki yet, the basics are easy. At its simplest, you click “Create” or “Edit” on a page, type and then click “Save”. How-to guides and other useful information can be found by clicking “Help” or “Article guidelines” on the sidebar to the left. Clicking “Edit” on an existing article is another way to see how things are done or you can ask the existing community questions.


Keep up to date via the Twitter feed @rugbyleaguewiki, Facebook and the blog. Rugby League Wiki encourages those involved in the game to publicise it and raise awareness. It also allows the information added to the wiki to be referenced. If you would like to use the blog to publish your rugby league stories, we’ll be happy to assist.


Rugby League Wiki’s mission is to become the greatest reference on The Greatest Game by gathering, organising and presenting information on rugby league’s history, culture, people, institutions and more. Why not join in and share what you know?

New blog feature: The news aggregator

The Rugby League Wiki blog now features a rugby league news aggregator, with the addition of a scroller near the top of the home page.

The scroller will link to a selection of recent news stories, videos and other items deemed interesting to a rugby league audience.

In contrast to the neutral stance of the encyclopaedia, the news aggregator won’t be shy about including an opinion or two at the same time from those contributing! We also hope to do a regular round up.

100 followers on Twitter

@RugbyLeagueWiki now has over 100 followers on Twitter. Don’t forget to let your footy fan friends and family know where to come for updates from the rugby league encyclopaedia!

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