2013 World Cup clips

A look back at the 2013 World Cup… USA play the Cooks   Friends at the final whistle Samoa and Fiji pray together.   Semi-final: England versus New Zealand A game immediately More »

Ray French’s Challenge Cup Final favourites

The matches, tries and people that Ray French most enjoyed seeing most in the Challenge Cup. More »

Challenge Cup logo 2013

RFL monitors uneven Challenge Cup but handicap not planned

The Rugby Football League debates the issue of competitiveness in the Challenge Cup regularly but “there are currently no plans to introduce a handicap system into the Challenge Cup”, spokesman John Ledger More »

Rugby League Wiki logo

Updated registration process

New RL Wiki users and logged out editors have a new way to prove they are human and not an automated spammer! We’ve got rid of the annoying image captchas – which More »

2013 Holden Cup logo

Gould: Open age second-grade beats elite youth teams in development

Phil Gould has written this interesting piece in the Sydney Morning Herald to urge changes to the current National Youth Competition arrangements. As the Australian Rugby League Commission has asked Jim Doyle More »

UK wheelchair rugby league

League For All Wheelchair Rugby League logoThe Rugby Football League has unveiled its new wheelchair tag rugby league competition structure. [Link/Archived]

Wheelchair tag is probably the most inclusive variant of rugby league football. Everyone can play together. People of different ages, both sexes, disabled and non-disabled all compete on the same court. The sport can be just as tough as the running game, featuring some big hits of its own. The laws of wheelchair tag have adapted to the practicalities of a wheelchair-based sport, for example replacing kicks with punches, while retaining the characteristics common to all versions of rugby league.

Articles has been started on the wiki for three wheelchair competitions:

Super League highlights on Youtube

Super League match highlights are now available on video-sharing website Youtube. The new official highlights channel, SLHighlights, was created on 14 February 2011 and supplements the older UKRugbyLeague channel. Each highlights video is around 4-5 minutes in length. In the past, fans have called for match footage to be made available on the website to expose the sport to new audiences. It’s not immediately clear if there are any country specific viewing restrictions in place, but any increased exposure will surely be welcomed.

The new highlights channel is another improvement to Super League’s online presence, under the banner Super League TV. Also new for the 2011 season is the weekly round-up programme  Super League Touchline, fronted by Paul Burland.

Doing a great job: Men of League

An article on the Men of League Foundation is now on the wiki. I hadn’t heard of this charity before, likely because I’m the UK. It’s a really impressive effort. Starting in 2002, it aims to “assist Rugby League players, coaches, referees, officials and administrators, from ALL levels of the Game, and members of their families who have fallen on hard times” in Australia. The scope is enormous. But so is the generous response of the community: around 15000 people are already members.

Have a read. Have a go at improving it, if you like.

Shaping up

Slowly but surely, the Rugby League Wiki is developing. The plan is to gradually create an article for every category of rugby league information: Grounds, footballers, towns etc. Even lecture series! By doing that, RLW should develop its way of doing things.

Rugby League Wiki’s Vision, Mission and Strategy

Rugby League Wiki‘s purpose is to help spread rugby league information more freely than ever before. The wiki format will allow fans to document the Game together.

Guiding the project are Rugby League Wiki’s Vision, Mission, and Strategy:

Vision: For everyone to be able to find out about rugby league football easily.

Mission: Be the greatest reference for The Greatest Game.

Strategy: Gather, organise and present rugby league information including the history, culture, people and institutions of the sport.

Rugby League Wiki has the potential to become the most comprehensive rugby league fan resource available, we hope you’ll join in!


Rugby League Wiki logoHi, welcome to the Rugby League Wiki blog!

This blog will be used to help keep you informed of what’s going on at the Rugby League Wiki so that you can participate.

The blog will become more active once RLW is launched but expect to see the wiki’s aims and other information soon.

Until then, in the immortal words of Harry Gration: Enjoy your rugby league, we do!

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