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RLW blog refresh

As you may have noticed, the RLW blog has been updated. A few differences in colour and moving a couple of things around has made quite a difference.

RLW blog prior to Feb 2012

The RLW blog as it was

New RLW blog layout from Feb 2012

The new blog design

New blog feature: The news aggregator

The Rugby League Wiki blog now features a rugby league news aggregator, with the addition of a scroller near the top of the home page.

The scroller will link to a selection of recent news stories, videos and other items deemed interesting to a rugby league audience.

In contrast to the neutral stance of the encyclopaedia, the news aggregator won’t be shy about including an opinion or two at the same time from those contributing! We also hope to do a regular round up.


Rugby League Wiki logoHi, welcome to the Rugby League Wiki blog!

This blog will be used to help keep you informed of what’s going on at the Rugby League Wiki so that you can participate.

The blog will become more active once RLW is launched but expect to see the wiki’s aims and other information soon.

Until then, in the immortal words of Harry Gration: Enjoy your rugby league, we do!

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