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News aggregator #1

Selected news stories aggregated between 27th August 2011 and 21st September 2011.


There is now a backup bid aiming to continue pro RL in North Wales, should the Championship application be rejected.


State of Mind, an initiative to promote the mental health and well-being of footballers, is launched a year after Terry Newton’s death.


Interim seasons commence as UK community game continues summer alignment.

Hopefully the increases in participation seen when other leagues have changed to summer rugby will be repeated.

I wonder what the wager was and how full Imre Salusinszky’s inbox is this week!


Lebanon and Serbia become Full Members of the Rugby League European Federation.


“After playing a memorable game the RL1908.com site has retired from the field.” – RL culture takes a hit as Sean Fagan suspends history site.

RL1908 has been a special place on the internet for rugby league, hopefully we’ll see it again. Many have been inspired to learn and share the history of the game.


VIDEO: St Joseph’s wins the Year 8 Boys’ Champion Schools comp. The first Welsh winner at any age group in six years. Match highlights from 10 finals.

St Joseph’s of Newport‘s win at the Champion Schools is a positive story for Welsh rugby league and a sign of the results being achieved due to the effort to expand the game. There’s more to rugby league in Wales than the soon to be demoted Crusaders.


New blog feature: The news aggregator

The Rugby League Wiki blog now features a rugby league news aggregator, with the addition of a scroller near the top of the home page.

The scroller will link to a selection of recent news stories, videos and other items deemed interesting to a rugby league audience.

In contrast to the neutral stance of the encyclopaedia, the news aggregator won’t be shy about including an opinion or two at the same time from those contributing! We also hope to do a regular round up.

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