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The greatest frames of all

In September 2011 The Daily Telegraph released a series of audio slideshows, The greatest frames of all, showcasing photographs from the 2011 NRL season. There was also a slideshow for rugby league artwork. Four photographers and one cartoonist selected and spoke about some of their favourite images from the year.

Some of the photographers’ photos were exhibited with projectors onto the side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The greatest sin of all

Part I contains an image of Ryan Tandy still training after being stood down due to the allegations made against him. Though since found guilty, the photo showed him in a different light, I thought, as it captured his hope and isolation. It reminded me of Terry Newton too.

Match fixing is probably the worst offence that can be committed in sport, the credibility of the game is undermined. It’s reasonable that there be no second chances, but let’s hope that the people around Tandy look after him and that the game gives him a chance to make amends in some way, rather than shutting the door completely.

The series:

The greatest frames of all – Part I: Gregg Porteous

The greatest frames of all – Part II: Phil Hillyard

The greatest frames of all – Part III: Brett Costello

The greatest frames of all – Part IV: Mark Evans

The art of rugby league: Boo Bailey

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