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Updated registration process

Rugby League Wiki logo

New RL Wiki users and logged out editors have a new way to prove they are human and not an automated spammer!

We’ve got rid of the annoying image captchas – which bots are finding easier to beat – and brought in football-related questions. We’ve kept them fairly simple, so that people new to the game will be able to answer them without too much trouble. The questions will be changed from time to time, as necessary.

Logged out users, people creating an account and newly registered users will encounter them.

The answers are not case-sensitive (i.e. “tackle” and “Tackle” will both be accepted). For the few questions which could be answered in different ways, such as words or numerals, the question will include an instruction on which to enter.

If you encounter any problems with the new checks, please contact us. Thanks!

RLW blog refresh

As you may have noticed, the RLW blog has been updated. A few differences in colour and moving a couple of things around has made quite a difference.

RLW blog prior to Feb 2012

The RLW blog as it was

New RLW blog layout from Feb 2012

The new blog design

New wiki feature: Rugby league towns

Rugby League Wiki logoRugby League Wiki has a new feature. The wiki will include articles on rugby league towns and cities around the world. The articles include an introduction to the settlement, rugby league’s history in the town and several lists that will aid navigation. Lists for past and current clubs, active and previously active schools, colleges and universities, local representative teams, past and current local competitions and grounds, as well as other local rugby league features are included.

There is no other rugby league resource of this kind available. The first of these articles to be created is about Wigan in the UK. The guidance for editing articles about towns and cities is in the Manual of Style for settlements.


Rugby League Wiki logoHi, welcome to the Rugby League Wiki blog!

This blog will be used to help keep you informed of what’s going on at the Rugby League Wiki so that you can participate.

The blog will become more active once RLW is launched but expect to see the wiki’s aims and other information soon.

Until then, in the immortal words of Harry Gration: Enjoy your rugby league, we do!

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